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Tuesday June 2, 1951 8:45am - Crazy broads and crazier reporters

Our remarkably capable geologist was last seen welcoming a hot redhead into his house

She was beautiful and vaguely familiar...

The former was far, far more important than the latter. I was momentarily lost for words, just staring at her.

After a while she must have taken this as a tacit invitation to come inside, because when I next saw her she was inside.

I asked her what exactly happened to her.

I had something very specific in mind, but I didn't think it was the same thing that she had in mind. Shame, really.

I offered to call the police. Although I wasn't exactly happy with them poking around, since I wasn't too careful about where I kept my stash usually, I felt it was expected of me.

I wasn't sure why she thought it was worth mentioning that she didn't know anyone here. Rather suspicious, really. I was happy not to involve the police though.

Realising the conversation was hanging on a knife edge, I carefully considered what to say next. She looked like she was about to bolt. Should I reassure her? make sure she was calm and collected?

I told her to cut the bullshit and tell me what was going on.

Now it hits me. I suddenly remembered where I had seen her before. Jackie Monroe was the girlfriend of Max "The Enforcer" Cobb, a real bad character. Their sordid affair had made the front pages of all the gossip rags.

It was rumoured that her testimony was going to put him up the river for three lifetimes. And now she was my problem.

The inane gossip that Dusty was going on about last night at O'Riordan's came back to me. Some crazy broad who is the daughter of that nutcase at the neptune hall was linked to a mad man in Hollywood. I guess this must be her.

I agreed to take Jackie back to her car, although it was a good 3 miles down the road so it took about half an hour to get there.

Cursing myself for bringing her back out there, I turned around to see what was the matter. I should have known she'd find something that upset her. Maybe she missed her girlfriend in a daze, and has only now noticed her girlfriend wrapped around one of Lizard Breath's oddly geometric cacti.

I thought I could see a foot still in the shoe. I definitely thought it was time to go, but Jackie was absolutely determined to look further.

Fuck yes! Finally Greg Bradley is getting some action. I was amazed that I didn't even have to suggest the idea, she brought it up all by herself.

Just as I was thinking that I'd make sure I knew she was around, that strange sound appeared. It was pants-shittingly familiar.

Who wants some?! I may only be a geologist but I've had enough practice at blowing things up.

This will be the last ant fight shown in detail for a while, as they're pretty much always the same, until near the end of the game.

Hmm, some of the ant's fluids were seeping out. Luckily I always keep a test tube handy - they come in immensely handy when dealing with large rocks. I figured Dr. Wells would always appreciate some more fluids.

This is our second piece of ant evidence.

I headed over to the university, leaving Jackie to fend for herself. I was sure she'd go back to the house and wait there until I get home like a good girl.

Are you fucking kidding me? I could have told you it was a goddamn giant ant. It's a giant ant head. Where did Dr. Wells got his PhD - Bumfuck College, Missouri? What a waste of time

I handed in the fluid that I'd collected from the ant, wondering if he'd tell me anything useful this time. I made sure to tell him that it was from a giant ant.

He probably had a point about seeing the mayor. I figured the mayor would realise that a giant ant head represented a significant threat. Lizard Breath complained a lot when the US Government installed a massive military base just outside the town limits, but it might come in handy.

The mayor was a shitbag greaseball who got into office on the coattails of his father, the previous occupier, and unbelievable (to me, at least) promises of revitalising the town into a 20th Century metropolis.

I took the giant ant head out of my surprisingly roomy backpack, and slammed it down on his desk, along with a report from Dr. Wells that it was definitely a giant ant.

I don't fucking believe it. Is everyone in this town blind as well as stupid? Apparently a giant ant head has some logical explanation.

It seemed I need to get some more concrete evidence than simply a giant ant head. I guess some tissue analyses and fluid composition reports might sway him.

Wondering if the local rag (the Lizard Breath Star) might employ some intelligent reporters, I headed over to their offices. It seemed unlikely, but anything could happen.

Bert's secretary called to me from the back room. I decided to follow him down to the quarry, simply because the town geologist should be able to poke his nose anywhere he damn well pleases.

Damn! He wouldn't let me sit in, even though those stupid miners at the quarry were probably too dumb to have any useful information.

As I drove back to town, I idly wondered what was happening back there, and what might have happened if Bert wasn't such an asshole...

I couldn't imagine those two as interesting or well-spoken, not even in a daydream.

Man, Bert always asks the stupidest questions. I could do a much better job than him and I'm a fucking geologist.

I asked the two miners if they had seen any giant ants crawling around after the meteor explosion.

I snapped out of it. I had to stop imagining wacky situations where I would get into knife fights and beat people up. Although I can't deny that Jackie's intrusion was very welcome.

There were more important matters to attend to, like the indications of strange goings on at the Ore plant. People hearing noises. I decided I'd drive over there and check it out.

With the exception of that final screenshot, that was all authentic and unedited. Don't ask me, I don't know wtf either.

Next update: Greg has more knife fights and becomes even creepier