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Friday June 12, 1951 11:00am - The middle of the end

Previously, on It came from the Desert! Greg Bradley and the army blew up a shit-ton of ants, but the ants regrouped and attacked the airport

Events were coming to a head. The whole town knew of the ant menace, and despite huge losses at the Volcano battle, they had just kept coming.

I knew what I had to do, even as I drove to the airport to fight off the ants. I was running out of time to find the queen, it had to be done soon. In a couple of days, the town would be overrun.

This was the line drawn in the sand. I would not let those bastards take my wings.

It took a while, but eventually I managed to take them down. I was partially deaf from so many explosions going off. Blood and ant-juice covered me from head to toe, and I liked it.

It was time to corral the townsfolk. We needed to gather in the centre of town, it was too difficult to defend so many locations. I went to check what was up at the university.

That was the best news I'd had all day - I might finally get rid of the useless idiot. I guessed though that he might come in handy if only as a meat shield, so I urged him to head for the centre of town and help with the barricades.

On my way back into town I went to check in with Dusty. She was probably getting pretty scared, and when girls get scareed they need a shoulder to cry on.

I was relieved. Even in the heat of an all-out war, I still had time for the ladies.

I reassured her that everything would be cool. Things were looking up for me. It was time to get rid of the bug infestation. After that I had a life in the lap of luxury waiting for me. Or at least the lap of one very .. gifted radio DJ.

Elmer was turning out to be my new best friend. Although I still haven't found the flamethrower, I was sure that it would turn up when it was most useful. That was always the way of things, and in the meantime there was something very satisfying about making an ant swallow two pounds of explosives.

Driving back home, I noticed that the Lizard Breath Star was strangely quiet. I popped my head inside.

I wasn't surprised. He talked big, but when it came down to it he couldn't walk the walk. It was one less person to worry about, and he would hardly have been any use in a fight.

Although I was driving home, somehow I ended up arriving at the Fortune Teller's again, as if some strange force had drawn me there. Or I was drunk, I wasn't quite sure which. I'd only had about half a bottle of scotch on the way to the airport, so I as sure I was fine to drive now.

This was bad. Even with our preparations and large numbers of tanks, the town wouldn't withstand a sustained assault.

I checked out the situation at the police station. things were not looking good.

I ordered everyone back to the town. It was time for a last stand. We had to hold the ground.

I didn't sleep very well that night. I barely managed 12 hours, and I wasn't feeling good when I was roused in the morning. The ants were sighted just outside the city limits.

I walked out into the streets, with as many grenades as I could carry, and I saw the ants approaching the last bastion of civilisation. I heard everyone behind me panicking and running away - some few stood resolute, but most of the sheep went running in any direction, probably to be picked off in a few hours by a roaming pack of ants.

It was time for the decisive last battle. I ordered our remaining forces to guard the north side of the town, while I alone stood against the ants to the south.

That was close. That was way too close.

While I had been fending off ants to the south of the town, the rest of our forces had been devastated. There was absolutely no way we would survive the inevitable next assault.

Although I had been hoping some new information would come to light, there was no more time. I had to get in a plane and hope that I could find the nest.

I stopped in one last time at home, with a faint idea of what might happen, and there it was, sitting in the middle of my living room. My flamethrower. It was beautiful and yet very strong at the same time.

I gently caressed it, then picked it up. This was going to be my ticket to the queen. I strapped together my remaining dynamite - about 20lbs - and jury rigged a timed detonator. I wouldn't have long to leave after I'd set it, and I wouldn't trust my life to the timer.

This was it - the town would live or die based on how I did here. There was no room for error.

So long as I tried my best, that's what counts really. I mean it's not like anyone would be around to blame me for screwing up.

Next update: The final showdown with the ant queen!