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January 1, 1956 12:42pm - The fugitive

I woke up somewhere I didn't recognise, with two people I didn't know in front of me.

What in the flying fuck is going on?

I'm not sure if Dusty was Biff's sister in the original game, I don't think it was ever mentioned. In fact hardly any of the characters ever seemed to speak.

"The Truck... the deadly cargo!"

"Empty?! That tank contained enough plutonium to wipe out the entire town! I've gotta find that stuff!"

Who would make off with a truck full of plutonium? And not be noticed? This seems suspicious.

Guess who! If you take three guesses you suck.

"But Brick Nash hasn't got either one, baby, not even close... though he may soon have a permanent position with a certain outfit in Leavenworth, Kansas."

Brick Nash always refers to himself in the third person, baby. Brick Nash isn't going to prison, not yet anyway.

Oh shit! They're going to turn Brick Nash in!

That's no ice cream truck? How can you mistake a huge truck with a radiation symbol on the side for an ice cream truck?

Mind you if he did, that could explain a lot of things.

"Can the chatter, kid. You turnin' me in or what?"

Dusty made a face to make any man weak at the knees. I was glad however that they were on my side.

"They'll just get another one. It's a stall 'til I can find this Dr. Wells character.

"According to my kid brother, he's got the facts that'll shut these nukeamaniacs down for good!"

I liked the sound of the word nukeamaniacs, it kind of rolled off the tongue.

"Dead! He's the only guy who coulda stopped 'em. This was all for nothin'... and my kid brother's gonna fry out on that test site."

I think this means that the canon result of the first game is that you didn't save Dr. Wells when he ran off to go hug the ants. It's never mentioned explicitely though.

"Hey... thanks lady... ah... Dusty. You too, kid!"

It was time to get out of this ratheap and figure out what was going on. Who's house was this anyway? They seemed quite happy for me to stay here.

Uh oh, that can't be good.

I went to see the mayor first, to see what was up in this crazy town.

"The dufus is really torqued off about something..."

Then he went on some kind of rant. I just couldn't shut him up, as much as I tried.

This fella was crazy, I had to get out of here.

Well, you know what they say, if you can't get a straight answer outta' a politician, try the local rag.

No deal Bert, that's not what I had in mind.

How did he know the truth, anyway?

I told Bert the whole story. It all started back when I was 20. Just a boy, really. I got sucked up into the war, and it broke me. Well, it broke everyone back then...

.. so with that notebook, my kid brother thought Dr. Wells would vindicate me.

Well at least the local reporter was on my side. All I needed to do was find the evidence of the whole coverup, and he'd blow it wide open. I just hoped to god that the people in this town could actually read.

When I got out onto the street, there were a few people standing around doing nothing. I went over to one of them

"Doesn't this guy play 'Gramps' on Lassie? and what's the weather nice for?"

This next guy didn't look too friendly.

"And I sure did talk to YOU, friend. Ya know, some of these townfolk ain't half bad... if a guy was to think about settlin' down..."

I shook off the thought, not sure why it came to me. Why the fuck would I want to live near a buncha' retardoos like these? 'I sure did talk to you?' Come on!

I realised another guy had been talking to me this entire time, but I hadn't noticed. I turn to him.

"Lizard Breath enters the Golden Age of Television..."

And here comes that crazy prospector again... I don't remember where I first saw him but I do remember him.

"I don't..."

I think Mr. Brick Nash is coming down with a case of the Squalls.

Then something weird drew me towards the fortune teller's place. I'm not sure why, because I don't buy any of that mysto crud.

"Oh yeh, sure..."

I accepted, but I felt like I had wandered into some bad B-Movie.

"My kid brother Andy..."

"Thank god, Andy's safe... for a while."

Something then went weird with the old lady. She started spasing out.

"Those things I saw in the road last night... they were REAL... no, it's not possible!"

Fucking hell are you telling me there are giant ants around here? Shit, and I thought things were back IN THE WAR. This is just crazy talk.

The old lady said she was exhausted, and fell asleep in her chair. I let myself out, after sneakily snatching my $10 from her table.

I wanted to head out of town to some places like the Quarry - I figured there might be some helpful people out there, but I really needed to hurry it up and find Dr. Wells' notebook. I drove to the university.

This guy is super SUPER creepy. It's never explained either how the boy got his leg in that brace, but I have my theories.

The lab was wrecked. Everything was gone, there was no hope of finding the notes.

The boy spoke up:

"My kid brother was dead on target! He would have lit up like a Christmas tree out there..."

And that's not good, I don't want a glowin' kid brother. I asked the kid about Dr. Wells' notes.

Pogonoma Rex? Ants? Oh no, those giant ants are involved in this somehow. I knew it!

"That's it! Just like Andy said: Dr. Wells' masterwork on radiation effects - a warning to the world - and my ticket out of the slammer! If I could find that notebook and get it to the press...

"Why's this numbskull giving Billy the Evil Eye here?"

See what I mean? super creepy. I have a feeling Billy's going to get more than a beating at home tonight.

There was nothing more for me here, but I might come back and try to catch Billy some other time.

It was time to go find Dusty and see what she was up to. Someone had mentioned KBUG so I went there.

"Holy cow, this dame's a real disc jockey..."

I waited for her to finish up her radio spiel. It took quite a while.

Holy cow lady! Don't you ever shut up?

I must have said that out loud, because then she started talking to me.

I'm staying, lady. Brick Nash doesn't run from anybody. Not since the war.

"Her frightened eyes flashed like quicksilver..."

That's why they call me Brick.

"As our lips meet, dark, nameless powers bend my will..."

This is by far the creepiest thing in the game. Whenever any kind of romantic liaison goes on this quote comes up. And that's more than a few times. I still don't know wtf it's talking about, unless "dark, nameless powers" is his nickname for his dick.

"Tell me somethin' I don't know, baby. There's always something else..."

God, could she be any less subtle?

She then told me the whole story. A story about giant ants, cult leaders and most of all this fucking crazy geologist who sounded like he'd seen more battles than I had back in THE WAR.

Sure I had seen them. I thought I was half crazy, thought that maybe THE WAR had finally claimed my sanity, but I had seen them.

Maybe this town was even more crazy than I thought. I'd heard about the guvment putting stuff in the water in small backward towns like this to test things.

Suddenly she pushed some things into my hands.

"That pistol's a real Howitzer... and a geiger counter... What's this all about?"

It was time to go back to my house. Or at least, the house that I'm staying in which I'm going to call my house.

Soon after I got home, there was a knock at the door.

"This town's looking better all the time."

"Dusty's at work and yeah, maybe I do..."

Yes, yes I am a man. I'm sure I can "help" you with your "problem".

"This dame's a pro at wreckin' more than cars, but what's a guy to do? Dark, nameless powers bend my will..."

"Something stirs behind me... I whip around to see..."

At the flick of a button the blade of his pig sticker snaps out of his fist, cold steel glinting under the streetlight.

Jackie protested, promising that there was nothing between us, but Ice ignored her.

A couple of quick punches and jabs later, and he was lying bleeding on the ground.

"In Korea, punk! Better get yourself to the hospital, you don't look too good... and tell your girlfriend... Sayonara! That's Jap for see ya around..."

I took Jackie back to my house and we engaged in some... extra-curricular activities.

Tomorrow, I had some work to do trying to find out what was going on around this place, with the missing plutonium, and Dr. Wells' notes.

Next update: Freaky shit starts happening