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January 2, 1956 9:00am - Antheads?

I awoke to the unpleasant site of Biff starin' all creepy-like over my bed.

"Do Plymouths have fins?"

I left the house.

Damn G-men! They're always one step ahead of me. Now I can be recognised by just about anyone on the street.

I drove out to KBUG to see what Dusty thought of all this.

I asked Dusty if she had seen Jackie.

Apparently Jackie had been in some mysterious accident. Things were really getting out of control around here!

I stopped by the university to see if Billy was around, and sure enough. He mentioned he had discovered some interesting notes.

This guy was getting really strange. I asked about the notes anyway.

Didn't he mention these ponogomies before? And last time...

Yup, his dad got all creepy again. They left, with Billy's dad looking like he was giving Billy a very stern talking to.

I remembered one other person that I hadn't seen who I remembered from Dusty's story of the events of 5 years ago. Another Billy: Billy-Bob, the wacky cult leader.

"He seemed to be coming around..."

Typical preacher, always talking about bein' saved.

"Cut the baloney, pal... start talkin!"

"The number 25. Hmmmmmm, wonder what that count mean."

This is the equivalent of the evidence we had to collect in the first game, only it's even easier to get and you only need 3 pieces.

"Tell me something I don't know, Binky."

I'm not sure why I called him Binky and not Billy-Bob, but it seemed right at the time.

So he told me something I didn't know.

"Dr. Wells' notebook, I bet... and a list of all the OTHER stinkin' antheads!"

Yup, we get 3 numbers which are the combination to the safe. For some reason we get them in the correct order, no matter what we do.

I stopped in at the Newspaper to update Bert on the situation, but he ignored my information and started blabbering.

This isn't good! Wasn't that guy Elmer supposed to dump my truck where no-one would find it?

I was going to give that guy a piece of my mind.

I KNOW buddy, that's why me and my mitts are here.

"Uh-oh, here comes one of 'em right now..."

No problem.

"This guy wasn't as tough as he thought he was. It would take more than one of these jokers to stop me."

After dousing him in gas, I torched the body. To make sure he couldn't be identified, I took his lower jaw. That'll teach them to try and arrest me for stealing a truck full of plutonium.

Next update: More antheads, and an inside job!