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January 4, 1956 9:00am - Let's get rid of these bastards ASAP.

When I woke up biff was waiting in my living room with what looked like some kind of hobo or drifter.

Fuck that, I'm not staying here. I'm going anywhere I want.

To prove that fact, I went out to see elmer.

Yup, he does the EXACT SAME THING as he did in the first game. This time we're leaving him out to dry.

In fact I'm not even sure that he dies, since we will see him later. You definitely do get an ant encounter if you try to save him.

That stupid kid is going to get himself killed. Well I don't give a shit at this point, he can go get eaten by ants for all I care.

He did remind me that I needed to stop in with that crazy old fortune teller.

"A classic Alien blunder... underestimating the power of Jello..."

I'm not sure why he says Alien here, since he's already had everything that's happened until now explained in minute detail. I guess he's just retarded

Hmmm, the mine supervisor? He seemed suspicious when I saw him last. I should go check that out.

It seems more and more people are having to go to hospital. The only possible explanation is that the antheads are expanding their ranks.

Well, I very much doubt Jackie, Dusty, the nurse whose name I have forgotten or any of my other girlfriends would wait for me at the mine. It's time to test this.

I felt like an idiot with this stupid pez dispenser...

This is totally edited, unfortunately. All that happens in-game is that he suddenly switches to the image below

Holy shit! it really worked! I don't believe it. This guy really is an anthead.

Well, time to shoot him in the head a bunch and hope he's ok.

He seems OK...

I appreciate your enthusiasm buddy, but how about I stick to killin' stuff and you stick to splittin' rocks, huh?

That's weird. All the antheads I've killed so far have given me a number. 25, 35, 5. I wonder what it's for?

I'll figure it out eventually I'm sure. In the meantime I was going to go for some stress-relievin', ant-killin' and grenade-throwin' action!

I never got tired of seeing 2 tons of ant collapse like so many bricks.

A few dozen ant corpses, and quite a few close calls later, they ran for the hills.

It was time for me to finish this, and go break into that vault in the hospital basement.

I needed that information to blow the whole story wide open.

Although the ants had shown a great desire to take me out specifically, they didn't seem bothered that I walked into their base of operations in the hospital.

I nabbed another wheelchair and rode around the hospital. A couple of nurses winked at me slyly, but I had no time for that kind of stuff. Brick was on a mission.

The elevator! this will take me down to the basement. Then I just need to find where they keep the vault.

I think that sexy nurse said that the vault was near the morgue, which the signs say is this way.

That's the safe! Now I just need the code.

What could it be? It's only 3 digits, and they're all numbers ending in 5 - 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, etc..

I really should have figured out what the code was before now. All I could think of is those numbers I got from the antheads. 25, 35 and 5.

When I entered the 5, I heard a beautiful click, and the safe opened. It was the right code!

A second later, a loud piercing alarm broke into my thoughts and I knew it was time to get out of there.

One minute later I was pulling a wheelie down the hospital corridor, heading for the exit.

"I finally had a chance to look at the patient records and Wells' paper on radiation that I'd found in the safe. This should come in real handy."

I idly wondered though why the antheads would keep meticulous records of their evil plans, and not just destroy it and any other incriminating evidence.

I wasn't about to question why they put a wanted fugitive truck driver in charge of the defence of the entire town, because this was awesome shit.

The mayor had certainly changed his tune. I knew his type, he followed the way the wind was blowing better than a weathervane.

The talk on the streets (and in the bar, where I happened to be doing most of my field research) seemed to be that more and more people were turning up as antheads. Since no-one else seemed to know the secret of the pez dispenser, it was up to me to stop this vile plot.

I could do one of two things:

I could carefully investigate, weed out the antheads and slowly but surely wipe the town clean of their infestation...

... or I could just run around and blow shit up, and hopefully kill the queen.

I liked the explosive option.

I noticed KBUG radio was destroyed on my way back into town. I wasn't complaining, but it meant I had no idea how I would hook up with Dusty now.

Somehow I found myself outside the fortune teller's once again.

Awesome, I've now got a location for the nest. I just need to get their and give the queen a tnt present.

This screen is largely useless but I couldn't pass up that pun. It's glorious.

Shit! If Louie goes mad I won't have access to flight, and it might be difficult get to the nest. I'd better go check how things are doing.

What's that old guy doing here? Running away from a bunch of ants it seems.

This ain't no problem though, I can handle these guys easy now.

They ran away like frightened dogs, their tails between their legs.

I went to check in with the fortune teller once more. She seemed to know what was going down all the time better than anyone else, which is prettty weird.

Time was running out. I had to find the queen fast - it wouldn't be long before everyone was antheads! And that wouldn't be good.

I went home to sleep. The next day would have to be the last day of this terrible ordeal.

"I figure twenty-seven combat missions over Korea qualifies me to fly that crate sitting out on the field."

"Keep talkin' pal..."

"Maybe I'll show this frog-licker how we do it in the ol' U.S.A.F., F-86 or no..."

I was a bit rusty, it took me a couple of tries and two planes to get off the ground, but I eventually made it.

I quickly found a column of ants north of the volcano, near Mine 4 where I had had a couple of skirmishes. If I keep flying north, I should find their nest.


I landed near the opening, pulling down an amazing landing that would have made my commanding officer back in Korea cry with pride.

Well, it looks like my ride was one way. Not that I was surprised.

The nest is exactly the same, even to the layout, as the first game.

I taped the TNT to the queen's head. When it went off, it would redecorate her lair in brains.

The End!

This time, no "or is it?" I guess they didn't feel like leaving the story open for another expansion.

And we're done with the expansion pack. I blew through it fairly quickly, but it is significantly shorter than the original game.

Next up, I'll be working on the Turbografx 16 version, but that probably won't be up in the near future since I need to play through it completely first before recording all the videos, since I haven't played it before.