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"Not once, in the five years since the defeat of the mutant ants, had anyone suspected that there was a second queen - thirsting for the destruction of all that is human!"


This is Antheads: It came from the Desert! II. It was released as a data disk for hte original game, which means that a very large portion of the game is essentially the same. There are a couple of new animations and screens, and all the text and plot is new, but you will see a lot of repetition. For that reason, I'm going to try and keep screenshotting to a minimum, and I'll only be videoing new sections.

You'll also find very soon that the writing is quite different in this game, and our player character talks a lot more. I'm going to be transcribing almost all his lines this time around. One slight change is that all of the player lines I transcribe I will put in ""s. There are so many that it's easier to separate those lines from my lines.


Although this stands on its own I recommend you read my Previous LP of the first game.

I'm going to be lazy and just say that this LP will be exactly like the first game, so seriously just go read it.

Table of Contents

The intro movie simply consists of the first intro movie with a different voice over. The quote at the top of this post is the voice over, everything remains the same.

Update 1: January 1, 1956 12:42pm - The fugitive (offsite) (onsite)
Update 2: January 2, 1956 9:00am - Antheads? (offsite) (onsite)
Update 3: January 3, 1956 11:00am - Wait, Antheads? (offsite) (onsite)
Update 4: January 4, 1956 9:00am - Let's get rid of these bastards ASAP (offsite) (onsite)